Power of Present Moment – Yoga Vasishta


Yoga Vasishta is a philosophical work describing Advaitha (nondualism) very beautifully through slokas and stories. Sage Vasishta explains the methods of realizing Self and liberation to Lord Rama. Lord Rama felt the life meaningless in his teenage even though he lived in the middle of luxuries. Sage Vasishta helps Rama to realize the self and thereby relieves his sorrow. This is a very short introduction of Yoga Vasishta to all those who are hearing it for the first time

One of the beautiful sloka in Yoga Vasishta which caught my attention is the following which explains the power of present momement awareness.

“Varthamanamanayasam Bhajathbhayadhiyakshanam
Bhoothambhavishyadabhajadyadi Chithamachithatham”

Meaning: Gently, effortlessly keep the focus only on the present moment and not allow it to go to past or future. Thus the mind becomes non-mind.

Only the present moment is what we have. Past has already passed and Future is yet to come. Worries, tension, depression, anxiety, and all those feelings affect the mind only when mind travels to either past or to future. Present moment is bliss only. Present moment is blissful because mind, intellect, nor ego can touch the present moment. Mind disappears in present moment. Time and space disappears in present moment. Mind is alive only when there is thoughts and thoughts are alive only by thinking about past or future. When there is no thoughts, mind disappears. When mind disappears, what remains is “I” only. That “I” is bliss. With words, I can explain this much only. It’s a beautiful blissful experience. May we all experience this at this very moment dear all. Try gently, effortlessly and experience the bliss here and now

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