How to update Aadhaar details


UIDAI give 3 types of Aadhaar update solutions.

  1. Request for Aadhaar Update online
    Update your Aadhaar data in 4 easy steps:
    STEP 1: Login with Aadhaar
    STEP 2: Select field(s) for update Online Update link
    STEP 3: Upload Document and
    STEP 4: Select BPO Service Provide and submit request
  2. Update Request by Post
    Resident can update or correct his/her Aadhaar Data by sending the request form by post. You can download Aadhaar data Update / Correction Form. Download Aadhaar Update correction form
  3. Update at Permanent Enrolment Centre 
    You can also visit the nearest Permanent Enrolment Centre to update your Aadhaar details including Biometrics. Locate Aadhaar Enrollment Centre


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