Kerala PSC Women Police Constable Sample Question Paper


1. Who founded ‘Samatwasamajam’?
a. Vagbhadananda
b. Thycaud Ayya
c. Vaikunda Swamikal
d. Anandatheertha
2. Which among the following is not a publication started by Vakkom Moulavi?
a. Al Hilal
b. Al Islam
c. The Muslim
d. Deepika
3. Who authored ‘Swathanthryagatha’?
a. Pandit Karuppan
b. G Sankara Kurup
c. Kumaranasan
d. Vagbhadananda
4. The only poet in Malayalam who became ‘Mahakavi’ without writing a Mahakavyam?
a. Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer
b. Vallathol
c. Akkitham
d. Kumaranasan
5. Velath Lakshmikkutty , K K Karumba & K C Kalikkutty are related to which agitation?
a. Kallumala agitation
b. Channar agitation
c. Orana agitation
d. Paliyam agitation
6. Who advised the use of ‘Chinmudra’ to Swami Vivekananda?
a. Vagbhadananda
b. Chattampi Swamikal
c. Vaikunda Swamikal
d. Anandatheertha
7. In which year Gandiji met Sree Narayana Guru?
a. 1925
b. 1924
c. 1923
d. 1922
8. Dadabhai Naoroji first put forward his theory of Drain of Wealth in his paper:
a. Poverty and Un-British rule in India
b. The wants and means of India
c. England’s Debt to India
d. On the commerce of India
9. India’s First Banking robot named ………
a. Saraswathy
b. Ganga
c. Gayatri
d. Lakshmi
10. In which language, Tripitakas, the holy books of Budhism,were written?
a. Sanskrit
b. Prakrit
c. Pli
d. Ardha Magadhi
11. Muslim League was founded in the year:
a. 1905
b. 1906
c. 1907
d. 1908
12. Who founded Satyashodak Samaj?
a. Jyotiba Phule
b. Veeresalingam
c. M G Ranade
d. Atmaram Pandurang
13. Which publication was launsched in Marathi languge by Bala Gangadhar Thilak?
a. Maratha
b. Kesari
c. Navjeevan
d. Herald
14. Who coined the slogan ‘In quilab Zindabad’?
a. Bhagat Singh
b. B G Thilak
c. Chandrasekhar Azad
d. Mohammed Iqbal
15. The Opium War was fought between:
a. America-Britain
b. Chin-Britain
c. Britain-France
d. Britain-Denmark
16. Rotary International was founded by:
a. Henri Dunant
b. Baden Powell
c. Paul Harris
d. Peter Beninson
17. Which among the following is not a part of Indian Paliament?
a. Rajya Sabha
b. Lok Sabha
c. Vice President
d. President
18. Who presides over the Joint Sitting of the Paliament?
a. Vice President
b. President
c. Prime Minister
d. Lok Sabha Speaker
19. In which year was Preamble of the Constitution amended?
a. 1973
b. 1974
c. 1975
d. 1976
20. The Legislative Assembly of which State has the tenure of 6 years?
a. Sikkim
b. Nagaland
c. Goa
d. Jammu-Kashmir
21. The elected President of Indian National Congress in 1886:
a. W C Bannergi
b. A O Hume
c. Lord Dufferin
d. Dadabai Navaroji
22. June 3rd plan is related to the Viceroy:
a. Lord Irwin
b. Lord Linlithgov
c. Lord Mountbatten
d. Lord Lytton
23. Who is the Prime Minister of India from 1984-1989?
a. I K Gujaral
b. Narasimha Rao
c. Dewa Gouda
d. Rajiv Gandhi
24. Who appointed a Director of Public instruction to co-ordinate educational activities in Travencore?
a. Sri Mulam Tirunal
b. Gauri Lakshmi Bai
c. Utram Tiunal
d. Gauri Parvati Bai
25. Wardha session of Indian National Congress passed the resolution of:
a. Non-co-operation movement
b. Quit India
c. Civil Disobedience movement
d. Dandi March
26. Fifth Five year plan was launched in:
a. 1969
b. 1980
c. 1966
d. 1974
27. Who popularized the idea of Misrabhojanam among the Ezhavas and other castes?
a. Moithu Moulavi
b. K Ayyappan
c. Vakkam Abdul Khader Moulavi
d. Agamananda Swami
28. Who ended the Satyagraha before the Guruvayoor temple on October 2,1932 on Gandiji’s advice?
a. K Kelppan
b. P Krishna Pillai
c. A K Gopalan
d. Sundarayya
29. The first session of SNDP Yogam held at:
a. Aruvipuram
b. Cherai
c. Thiruvillamala
d. Aluva
30. The present Vice Presidentof India:
a. Muhammad Hamid Ansari
b. Venkaiah Naydu
c. Pranav Kumar Mukherji
d. Ramnad Kovind
31. The present Indian Ambassidor of Netherland:
a. Venu Rajamani
b. Meera Sankar
c. Arun Kumar Singh
d. Jaishankar
32. Brahmaputra is known as the ……… in Tibet
a. Tsang po
b. Jamuna
c. Siang
d. Burlungbuther
33. Kerala and Karnadaka get pre-monsoon showers people call them:
a. Loo
b. Blossom Showers
c. Norwesters
d. Mango Showers
34. Gir National park is the famous ecoparkain:
a. Maharashtra
b. Hariyana
c. Utharanjal
d. Gujarat
35. Father of white revolution:
a. Dr M S Swaminathan
b. Louis Pasteur
c. Dr Vargheese Kuryan
d. Gail Borden
36. Siviculture is related to:
a. Fruit Growing
b. Silkworm Growing
c. Forest Development
d. Vegetable Growing
37. The first Indian state where Green revolution started?
a. Punjab
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Rajastan
d. West Bengal
38. Which lake is connected to Arabian sea by Andhakaranahi?
a. Ashtamudi Lake
b. Chettuva Lake
c. Sasthamkotta Lake
d. Vembanattu Lake
39. In which district is the Peppara Wild Life Sanctuary?
a. Kollam
b. Thiruvananthapuram
c. Pathanamathitta
d. Idukki
40. Which is the largest Jute produsing state in India?
a. Bihar
b. West Bengal
c. Assam
d. Odisha
41. The Wild life Protection Act of India was enacted in the year:
a. 1972
b. 1973
c. 1974
d. 1975
42. ………. is known as Switzerland of Kerala:
a. Munnar
b. Thenmala
c. Vagamon
d. Gavi
43. The first child friendly panchayat in Kerala:
a. Vellanadu
b. Nedumbsseri
c. Pattom
d. Kesavadasapuram
44. Krishna Devaraya belonged to which dynasty?
a. Suluva
b. Tuluva
c. Sangama
d. Naikar
45. Who won Vayalar Award 2016?
a. Subhash Chandran
b. K R Meera
c. Prabha Varma
d. U K Kumaran
46. Who is the central minister of Rural Development?
a. Harsimrat Badal
b. Narendra Singh Tomar
c. Radha Mohan Singh
d. Jual Oram
47. The Government of India has decided to observe ‘Good Governancae Day’ on the birthday of:
a. L K Advani
b. A B Vajpayee
c. Rajiv Gandhi
d. Jawaharlal Nehru
48. India beat which country to win the 2016 Women’s T 20 Asia Cup?
a. Thailand
b. Nepal
c. Sri Lanka
d. Pakistan
49. Fathaer of white revolution:
a. Louise Pasteur
b. Gail Borden
c. Dr M S Swaminathan
d. Dr Vargheese Kuryan
50. True Stomach of ruminants:
a. Abomasum
b. Recticulam
c. Rumen
d. Omasum
51. Who developed oral polio vaccine?
a. Albert Sabin
b. Ronald Ross
c. Edward Jenner
d. Jonas Salk
52. A child, in terms of science is called a baby or infant at the age of:
a. 6 months
b. 18 months
c. 30 months
d. 36 months
53. Antibiotic pencillin is prodused from:
a. Algae
b. Bacteria
c. Fungi
d. Ameoba
54. The only animal in cat family that shows Sexual Dimorphism is:
a. Tiger
b. Leopard
c. Cheetah
d. Lion
55. Which gland is known as ‘Adam’s Apple’?
a. Thyroid
b. Pancreas
c. Thymus
d. Pituitary
56. Which part of the brain is known as ‘The Relay station’?
a. Cerebellum
b. Cerebrum
c. Medulla Oblomgata
d. Thalamus
57. Which element has largest number of stable isotops?
a. Radium
b. Uranium
c. Tin
d. Lead
58. Molish test is used to detect the presence of:
a. Carbohydrates
b. Bromids
c. Oxides
d. Nitrites
59. Which vitamine is most likely become deficient in alcoholics?
a. Ascrobic Acid
b. Folic Acid
c. Thiamine
d. Niacin
60. Compound of sodium used as purifier in submarines:
a. Sodium Carbonate
b. Sodium Peroxide
c. Sodium Chloride
d. Sodium Sulphate
61. It rains a lot here,…… add the correct question tag:
a. doesn’t it?
b. does it?
c. did it?
d. Is it?
62. A hen is not as beautiful as a peacock. The comparative degree is :
a. A hen is more beautiful than a peacock.
b. A peacock is more beautiful than a hen.
c. A hen and a peacock are more beautiful.
d. A peacock is beautiful than hen.
63. Ant is .. ….. insect. Choose the right article.
a. a
b. the
c. any
d. an
64. The children made ……. Noise. Choose the right alternative.
a. many
b. a lot of
c. a few
d. any
65. If you come,…….
a. I will take you to the film.
b. I would take you to the film.
c. I would have taken you to the film.
d. I take you to the film.
66. Well begun is ……….. Complete the proverb.
a. half done
b. not done
c. completely done
d. never done
67. It rained a lot …….. we enjoyed ourselves.
a. since
b. unless
c. but
d. until
68. Which of the following is example of ‘Interjection’?
a. When
b. Hurry
c. Hurray
d. Because
69. He said to me,”I have done my work”. The indirect speach is:
a. He told me that I have done my work.
b. He told me that he has done his work.
c. He told me that he had done his work.
d. He told me that he done his work.
70. You should …….. your bad habbits.
a. give up
b. give in
c. give out
d. give on
71. The past participle of word ‘Go’is:
a. Gone
b. Got
c. Going
d. Went
72. Choose the correct spelling.
a. Catalogue
b. Katalogue
c. Katalog
d. Catalog
73. The mechanic repairs the car. The passive form is:
a. The car was repaired by the mechanic.
b. The car is repaired by the mechanic.
c. The car repaired by the mechanic.
d. The car hasbeen repaired by the mechanic.
74. ………. is the news? Use the right question word.
a. Who
b. What
c. When
d. Why
75. Choose the synonym of ‘Disgust’:
a. Dislike
b. Dismiss
c. Disagree
d. Discover
76. Ram is ……… than any other boy in the class.
a. bright
b. brightest
c. brighter
d. None of these
77. Born of married parents is ……….
a. legible
b. elgible
c. edible
d. legitimate
78. As friendless ……….
a. as a fly
b. as a lord
c. as an alarm clock
d. as a fighting c lock
79. A brief summary of a book is ………
a. memoirs
b. axiom
c. excerpt
d. etitome
80. I told you …….. switch off the TV, didn’t I?
a. not
b. not to
c. to not
d. don’t
81. 2/3 is what percent of 1/3?
a. 200
b. 150
c. 50
d. 33 1/3
82. The length of a train and that of a platform are equal. If with a speed of 90km/hr, the train crosess the platform in one minute, then the length of train (in metres) is?
a. 500
b. 750
c. 600
d. 900
83. In an examination, a candidate must secure 40% marks to pass. A candidate who gets 220 marks and fails by 20 marks. What is the maximum mark of the examination?
a. 1200
b. 800
c. 600
d. 450
84. A shop keeper marks his sarees at 20% above the cost price and allows the customer a discount of 10% for cash purchase. What profit percent does he make?
a. 18
b. 12
c. 10
d. 8
85. How many cubes each of 3cm, can be cut from a cube of edge 15cm?
a. 25
b. 27
c. 144
d. 125
86. If 2a=3b=4c then a:b:c=……….
a. 4:3:2
b. 3:4:6
c. 2:3:4
d. 6:4:3
87. If the cost price of 15 books is equal to the selling price of 12 books. What is the profit percent?
a. 20%
b. 50%
c. 30%
d. 25%
88. In a queue of students, A is 18th from front, while B is 16th from the back. If C is 25th from the front and is exactly in the middle of A and B, the number of students in the queue is?
a. 48
b. 46
c. 47
d. 45
89. GRAPES is written as 459371 in certain code. How should SPARE should be written in that code?
a. 19375
b. 13975
c. 43975
d. 35179
90. A man’s wages was reduced by 20% and then increased by 20%. His loss percent is:
a. 4
b. 20
c. 10
d. 0
91. Which letter is 5th to the left of the 14th letter from the right end of the English alphabet?
a. R
b. H
c. S
d. I
92. The next term of the following series 8,28,116,584,…….
a. 1752
b. 3502
c. 3508
d. 3504
93. On the 20th January 2012. It was Friday. What was the day on 15th April 2012?
a. Saturday
b. Monday
c. Friday
d. Sunday
94. 1.12.1991 in Sunday which is the 4th Tuesday of December 1991:
a. 31.12.1991
b. 23.12.1991
c. 26.12.1991
d. 24.12.1991
95. What is the next number of the series 3,7,19,55,……..
a. 108
b. 142
c. 163
d. 171
96. Find the next terms in the series ABD,DGK,HMS,MTB,SBL
a. XKW
b. ZKW
c. ZAB
d. ZKU
97. If A denotes /, B denotes *, C denotes -,D denotes + then 18D24A3B7C14:
a. 60
b. 84
c. 174
d. None of these
98. What is the angle between the 2 hands of a clock when the clock show 4.40PM?
a. 100
b. 120
c. 140
d. 80
99. Showing a girl Sinu said “she is the sister of my uncle’s son”, How if Sinu related to the girl?
a. Sister
b. Cousin
c. Sister-in-Law
d. Wife
100. Rinu started from a point and went 8m north, turned right and moved 6m. How far is he away from his stating point?
a. 14m
b. 7m
c. 10m
d. 12m

Answer Key Women Police Constable Sample

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