100 Facts : Indian Rivers (Kerala PSC University Assistant Exam Topic)



(100 Questions based on Indian Rivers. Helpful to various examination. Mainly focused on Kerala PSC University Assistant Examination

1. Which are the major Himalayan rivers? Answer : Indus, Ganga, Brahmaputra
2. Which is the Westernmost river system in Indian sub continent? Answer : Indus
3. In Tibet Indus is called as Answer : Singi Khamban (Lions Mouth)
4. Which is the only Indian city that situated on the Bank of Indus? Answer : Leh(Jammu and Kashmir)
5. Which is the longest among the Himalayan rivers? Answer : Indus
6. The Indus river merges into Arabian sea at which place? Answer :Karachi(Pakistan)
7. The Indus river agreement was signed between India and Pakistan on Answer : 19th September 1960
8. Which is the source region of Indus river? Answer : Bokharchu glacier
9. How much length of Indus river from origin to its outfall? Answer : 2880Km
10. Length of Indus in India Answer : 709
11. Which Indian river which form deep gorges? Answer : Indus
12. The river known as the “life line of Pakistan”? Answer : Indus
13. National river of Pakistan? Answer : Indus
14. The only west flowing Himalayan river? Answer : Indus
15. Which river mostly mentioned in Rig Veda? Answer : Indus
16. Mohanjodara is situated on the bank of which river? Answer : Indus
17. The largest dam constructed across the river Indus? Answer : Tarbela(Pakistan)
18. The main tributaries of Indus? Answer : Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Sutlej
19. The state know as ‘Land of five rivers’? Answer : Punjab
20. Which is the southern most tributary of Indus? Answer : Sutlej
21. The longest tributary of Indus in India? Answer : Sutlej
22. The Sutlej originates from which place? Answer : Rakas Lake in Tibet
23. The only tributary of Indus which originates from Tibet? Answer : Sutlej
24. The tributary of Indus which enters India through Shipkila pass? Answer : Sutlej
25. The river originates near Rohtang pass? Answer : Beas
26. The river which originates from Bara-lacha-la pass? Answer : Chenab
27. The dam which has been constructed across the Sutlej river? Answer : Bhakranangal
28. The river flows through Kashmir valley? Answer : Jhelum

29. Srinagar is situated on the bank of river ? Answer : Jhelum
30. Which river flows into Wular lake in Kashmir? Answer : Jhelum
31. The largest tributary of Jhelum river? Answer : Kishanganga
32. The largest tributary of Indus river? Answer : Chenab
33. The Buglihar dam located in the river? Answer : Chenab
34. Smallest tributary of Indus river ? Answer : Beas
35. The river also known as Arjikuja in Vedas? Answer : Beas
36. The only tributary of Indus, which flows fully in India? Answer : Beas
37. Pong dam is built across in which river? Answer : Beas
38. The river Ravi originates from which place? Answer : Kullu hills near Rohtang pass(Himachal Pradesh)
39. River which is known as ‘River of Lahore’? Answer : Ravi
40. Harappa, the Indus valley civilisation centre is on the bank of which river? Answer : Ravi
41. The largest river basin in India? Answer : The Ganga basin
42. The National river of India ? Answer : Ganga
43. In which date Ganga was declared as National river? Answer : 4th November 2008
44. The source region of river Ganga? Answer : Gangotri
45. The most dangerous river in India ? Answer : Kosi
46. The river known as ‘sorrow of India’? Answer : Kosi
47. The first non-human entities in India to be granted the same legal rights as people? Answer : River Ganga and Yamuna
48. World’s first non-human entity to be granted the same legal rights as people? Answer : River Whanganui
49. The name of Ganga in its source region? Answer : Bhagirathi
50. Alakananda originates from which place? Answer : Alakapuri

51. Ganga river enters into North Indian plain at which place? Answer : Haridwar
52. The sate in which Ganga flows maximum distance? Answer : Uttar Pradesh(1450)
53. The India river with maximum number of tributaries? Answer : Ganga
54. The largest tributary of Ganga? Answer : Yamuna
55. The Yamuna originates from Answer : Yamunotri glacier
56. Total length of Yamuna Answer : 1376 Km
57. The river which is known as Kalindi? Answer : Yamuna
58. The place where Yamuna joins with the Ganga? Answer : Prayag (Allahabad)
59. The meeting place of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati? Answer : Triveni
60. The cities Delhi and Agra are situated on the banks of which river? Answer : Yamuna
61. The largest southern most tributary of Ganga ? Answer : Son
62. The major tributary of Ganga which originates from peninsular plateau region ? Answer : Son
63. The tributary of Ganga which originates from Amarkantak plateau? Answer : Son
64. The main tributary of river son? Answer : Rihand
65. Pataliputra is on the banks of the river? Answer : Son
66. Holy city of Ujjain is situated on the right bank of which river? Answer : Kshipra
67. The most dangerous river in India? Answer : Kosi
68. The multipurpose river valley project of India and Nepal ?Answer : Kosi project
69. Which river flows through Jim Corbet national park? Answer : Ramganga
70. The river which is knows as Narayani river in Nepal? Answer : Gandaki river
71. The river which makes India’s eastern boundary with Nepal? Answer : Kali river
72. The Mahakali river treaty singed between Answer : India and Nepal
73. The Indian river which flows only in the Monsoon season? Answer : Ghaggar –hakra
74. The National park situated near the river Gandhaki? Answer : Valmiki National park
75. Farakka Barrage Dam is located in which state? Answer : West Bengal

76. In which year Farakka Barrage was constructed? Answer : 1975
77. India’s longest river bridge? Answer : Dhola—sadiya Bridge
78. Dhola-Sadiya bridge was situated in which state? Answer : Assam
79. India’s second longest river bridge? Answer : Mahatma Gandhi sethu
80. Mahatma Gandhi sethu bridge situated in which river? Answer : Ganga
81. The western most distributary of Ganga? Answer : Bhagirathi, Hoogly
82. The river with highest tidal bore in India? Answer : Hooghly
83. The name by which Ganga flows through Bangladesh? Answer : Padma
84. The river known as “Keertinasini” in Bangladesh? Answer : Ganga
85. In the Tibet, Brahmaputra knows by the name? Answer : Tsang po
86. In Bangladesh , Brahmaputra knows by the name Answer : Jamuna
87. In Arunachal Pradesh,Brahmaputra know by the name Answer : Dihang
88. In Assam , Brahmaputra is known by the name Answer : Dibang
89. The pass that separates the source of Brahmaputra from the Manasarovar lake? Answer : Mariam La pass
90. The place where Brahmaputra enters India ? Answer : Sadiya(Arunachal Pradesh)
91. Indian river which male name? Answer : Brahmaputra
92. Which is the least polluted Himalayan river? Answer : Brahmaputra
93. Which is the faster river in India? Answer : Teesta/Tista
94. Which is the largest tributory of Brahmaputra ? Answer : Subanasari
95. The India river which occupies maximum volume of water ? Answer : Brahmaputra
96. The river which is known as “Red River”? Answer : Brahmaputra
97. The river Brahmaputra empties into? Answer : Bay of Bengal
98. The largest delta in the world ? Answer : Sunderbans delta

99. The rivers forming Sunderbans delta? Answer : Ganga, Brahmaputra
100. Which river flows from Bhutan to India? Answer : Manas river

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