Beat Forest Officer Sample Question Paper


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Beat Forest Officer Sample Question Paper
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1.    Who is called the ‘Father of literacy in Kerala’?
a)    Kuriakose Elias Chavara
b)    Pandit Karuppan
c)    Vagbhadananda
d)    Bhrahmananda Shivayogi

2.    Which publication is known as ‘Ezhava Gazette’?
a)    Mitavadi
b)    Kerala Kaumudi
c)    Vivekodayam
d)    Sujananandini

3. Who translated the dialogue between Tagore & Narayana Guru into Malayalam during Tagore’s visit to Sivagiri?
a)   Dr.Palpu
b)    V.Govindan Vaidhyar
c)    Kumaranasan
d)    Pattom Thanu pillai

4.     Who founded the Thathwa Prakashika Ashram at Kozikode?
a)     Sree Narayana Guru
b)    Brahmananda Shivayogi
c)     Pandit Karuppan
d)    Vagbhadananda

5.     The founder of Malabar Economic Union
a)     A.K.Gopalan
b)    Dr.Paip
c)     Pandit Karuppan
d)    A.G.Velayudhan

6.     The  fourth visit of Gandhiji in Kerala is connected with
a)     Vaikkom Satyagraha
b)    Khilafat Movement
c)     Upliftment of Harijans
d)    Temple Entry Proclamation

7.     Which lake is known as ‘the Queen of Lakes in Kerala’?
a)     Vembanadu
b)    Sasthamkotta
c)     Ashtamudi
d)    Pookode

8.     The leader who preached in Malayalam in Oxford University firstly?
a)     Mannathu Padmanabhan
b)    V.K.Krishna Menon
c)     Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
d)    Matha Amrithanandamayi

9.     Who was associated with the formation of the Kerala unit of Kissan Mazdur Praja Party?
a)     Pattom Thanu Pillai
b)    C.Govindan Nair
c)     K.Kelppan
d)    K.B.Menon

10. Who authored ‘Pracheena Malayalam’?
a)     Vennikkulam Gopala Kurup
b)    Sree Narayana Guru
c)     Chattampi Swamikal
d)    Pandit Karuppan

11. Which was the first political organization in modern India?
a)     Indian National congress
b)    Indian Association
c)     East India Association
d)    Landholder’s Assocition

12. The first Amendment of Indian Constitution came into force on:
a)     18.06.1951
b)    18.06.1952
c)     18.06.1953
d)    28.08.1954

13.  Malborough House is the headquarters of:
a)     SAARC
b)    OPEC
c)     Commonwealth
d)    NATO

14.  The President who assented the Right to Information Bill:
a)     K.R.Narayanan
b)    Pranab Mukherji
c)     A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
d)    None of these

15. The  Sardar Sarovar Project is build across the river:
a)     Krishna
b)    Narmada
c)     Godavari
d)    Chmbal

16.  HV Conolly is murdered at:
a)     Calicut
b)    Thalassery
c)     Thrissur
d)    Ernad

17. Which island was formed as a result of the dredging activities of the Cochin port?
a)     Vypin
b)    Kadamakkudi
c)     Vallarpadam
d)    Wellington

18.  In which year the Parliament passed the untouchability Offence Act?
a)     1950
b)    1953
c)     1954
d)    1955

19. The minimum age required to become a Rajya Sabha member:
a)     35 years
b)    30 years
c)     28 years
d)    25 years

20. Which King of Travancore shifted the capital to Thiruvananthapuram from Padmanabhapuram?
a)     Marthanda Varma
b)    Dharma Raja
c)     Swathi Thirunal
d)    Ayilyam Thirunal

21.  Which Article recently dismissed from the IT Act?
a)     65 A
b)    66 A
c)     66 B
d)    66 D

22. Which one of the following is not a right under Consumer Protection Act of 1986?
a)     Right to be informed
b)    Right to be heared
c)     Right to protect environment
d)    Right to consumer education

23. Mahatma Gandhi Setu is built across the river:
a)     Ganga
b)    Yamuna
c)     Sarayu
d)    Brahmaputra

24. Which of the following known as ‘Mango City’?
a)     Chennai
b)    Pune
c)     Jaipur
d)    Salem

25. Who was the first elected Vice President of India?
a)     Dr.Rjendra Prasad
b)    V.V.Giri
c)     Dr.Zakkir Hussain
d)    Gyani Sail Singh

26. Who was the Viceroy at the time of the First Round Table Conference?
a)     Irwin
b)    Minto
c)     Dlhousie
d)    Linlithgo

27.  The Goods & Services Tax cme into effect from:
a)     June 1,2017
b)    April 1,2017
c)     July 1,2017
d)    August 1,2017

28. Who is appointed as the new Chairman of ISRO?
a)     Dr.K.Radhakrishnanan
b)    A.S.Kiran Kumar
c)     Prof.M.G.K.Menon
d)    Dr.K.Sivan

29. India’s first National Park for differently abled people is in which city?
a)     Bengaluru
b)    Chennai
c)     Hyderabad
d)    Mumbai

30.  Which Indian Actor was honoured with the 24th Crystal Award at the World Economic forum in Davos,Switzerland?
a)     Amir Khan
b)    Shah Rukh Khan
c)     Saif Ali Khan
d)    Salman Khan

31. In which colour that the Economic Survey 2017-18 was printed into highlight gender issue and amid economic development?
a)     Blue
b)    White
c)     Pink
d)    Green

32.  According to Union budget,salary of President of India is increased to:
a)     5 lakh
b)    6 lakh
c)     7 lakh
d)    4 lakh

33. Who launched the first Khelo India School Games at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi?
a)     Narendra Modi
b)    Venkayya Naidu
c)     Raj Nath Kovind
d)    Meera Kumar

34. Which was the first computer game?
a)     Space War
b)    Space Warrior
c)     Space Mission
d)    Space Flight

35.  In which type of rocks is petroleum found:
a)     Plutonic rock
b)    Sedementary rock
c)     Igneous rock
d)    Metamorphic rock

36. Which river is known as ‘the Handmaid of Narmada?
a)     Luni
b)    Chambal
c)     Sabarmati
d)    Tapti

37.  Rajaji National Park is situated at:
a)     Gujarat
b)    Uttarakhand
c)     Odisha
d)    Assam

38.  In which layer of the atmosphere is the ozone layer situated?
a)     Troposphere
b)    Mesosphere
c)     Stratosphere
d)    Thermosphere

39. Which mountain range separate the Southern part of India from the Northern part?
a)     Nilgiris
b)    Vindhya
c)     Aravalli
d)    Western Ghats

40. Black soil is also known as:
a)     Regur soil
b)    Arid soil
c)     Forest soil
d)    Saline soil

41. Which is the new organ discovered inside humn body in 2017?
a)     Mesorectum
b)    Mesocolon
c)     Mesentery
d)    Sigmoid

42. Which livestock is affected by Ranikhet disease?
a)     Bufflao
b)    Poultry
c)     Sheep
d)    Rabbit

43. Which disease is spread through the contact with soil?
a)     Cholera
b)    Malaria
c)     Typhoid
d)    Tetanus

44. Which substance causes tears while handling onion?
a)     Tallium
b)    Sulphur
c)     Zinc
d)    Phosphorus

45. For detecting the pressure of gas:
a)     Manometer
b)    Barometer
c)     Hygrometer
d)    Fathometer

46. Scientist who proved that light is an electromaganetic wave:
a)     Christian Romer
b)    Thomas Young
c)     Henrich Hertz
d)    Christian Huygens

47.   Which metal is used in the catalytic converters in cars to reduce the pollution from exhaust gases?
a)     Silver
b)    Aluminium
c)     Platinum
d)    Iron

48.  Sun can be seen for sometimes even after sunset, Which phenomenon of light caused this?
a)     Reflection
b)    Refraction
c)     Defraction
d)    Dispersion

49. Who discovered the computer mouse?
a)     Steve Jobs
b)    Charles Babbage
c)     Alen Shugart
d)    Douglas Engelbart

50.  What is the term for a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area such as home,school or office building,using network media?

a)     Personal Area Network
b)    Wide Area Network
c)     Local Area Network
d)    Campus Area Network

51. Kerala Forest Development Corporation situated in:
a)     Idukki
b)    Pathanamthitta
c)     Kottayam
d)    Wayanad

52. The Project of Government of Kerala which has won Indira Priydrshini Vrikshamitra award:
a)     Hritha Theeram
b)    Ente Maram
c)     Nammude Maram
d)    Ente Vriksham

53. Which district has largest forest area in percentage?
a)     Wayanad
b)    Idukki
c)     Pathanamthitta
d)    Kollam

54. In which year Konni was declared as the first reserve forest of Kerala?
a)     1788
b)    1888
c)     1988
d)    1898

55. The first wild life Snctuary of Kerala:
a)     Thekkady
b)   Wayanad
c)     Periyar
d)    Muthanga

56.  The famous White bison of Manjampatti is seen in:
a)     Muthanga
b)    Chinnar
c)     Periyar
d)    Thekkady

57.   Which bird sanctuary is known as ‘Heaven for migratory birds’?
a)     Kadalundi
b)    Thattekkad
c)     Mangalavanam
d)    Kumarakom

58. Chenthurani wild life sanctuary is situated in the district of:
a)     Idukki
b)    Wayanad
c)     Kollam
d)    Pathanamthitta

59. The Prime Minister who inaugurated Silent Valley National Park:
a)     Soniya Gandhi
b)    Rajiv Gandhi
c)     Indira Gandhi
d)    Dr.Manmohan Singh

60. The smallest National Park in Kerala:
a)     Silent Valley
b)    Pampadum Shola
c)     Mathikettan Shola
d)    Eravikulam

61. A few students know the answer ,…….. Add the correct Question Tag.
a)     did they?
b)    don’t they?
c)     do they?
d)    didn’t they?

62.  He is very rich …….. he is a miser.Add suitable coordinating conjunction.
a)     and
b)    so
c)     but
d)    yet

63. The feminine gender of ‘Widower’ is:
a)     Bride
b)    Maid
c)     Lady
d)    Widow

64. Choose the Compound Noun.
a)     River
b)    Table
c)     Time
d)    Lipstick

65. …….. unanimous decision was taken by the committee in no time.Choose right Article.
a)     A
b)    An
c)     The
d)    No article needed

66. Choose the sentence with incorrect use of preposition.
a)     She has three children by her first husband.
b)    My wife is good at French.
c)     I am fond of reading novels.
d)    She is gifted on common sense.

67.  The opposite of ‘Civilized’:
a)     Cultured
b)    Generous
c)     Barbarian
d)    Discivilized

68.   ……. it is dirty …….. torn. Add suitable correltive conjunction.
a)     Either……or
b)    Neither…….nor
c)     Whether…..or
d)    Not  only……but also

69. Partial or complete loss of memory. Choose the one word.
a)     Analgesia
b)    Anemia
c)     Amnesia
d)    Alimony

70. I haven’t had a call from him ………. Last Wednesday. Choose correct preposition.
a)     since
b)    on
c)     from
d)    in

71. Employees of this office are so …….. that work never. Choose appropriate word.
a)     energetic
b)    reflective
c)     lethargic
d)    diplomatic

72.  Should she come today, ……………
a)     I will  give him the money.
b)    I will have given the money.
c)     I will be giving the money.
d)    I would have given the money.

73.  Which sentence is correct?
a)     I am awaiting for your reply.
b)    I am waiting your reply.
c)     I am awaiting your reply.
d)    I am awaiting  on your reply.

74. Which of the following is not a synonym of ‘disciple’?
a)     Agnostic
b)    Adherent
c)     Attendant
d)    Acolyte

75. We could not ……….. the inscription on the wall.
a)     make up
b)    make out
c)     give away
d)    give out

76. Choose the correct spelt word:
a)     Maintanence
b)    Maintanance
c)     Maintainance
d)    Maintenance

77. The passive form of “They have done it” is:
a)     It has done.
b)    It have been done.
c)     It have done.
d)    It has been done.

78. What was the idiom “to cut corners” mean:

a)     To hide something from someone or somewhere.
b)    To say or argue thoroughly.
c)     To do something badly or cheaply to save money or time.
d)    To save something very expensive.

79.  The American equivalent of British word “curtains” is:
a)     hangings
b)    drapes
c)     laces
d)    hangers

80. The plural form of ‘Army’:
a)     Armes
b)    Armies
c)     Armis
d)    Armys

81. A man travels a distance of 360 km in 2 hours. What is his speed?
a)     500 m/sec
b)    300 m/sec
c)     1801m/sec
d)    50m/sec

82.  If the average age of a class of 30 boys is 13 years. When class teacher’s age is included the average age increased by 1 year. Find out the age of teacher?
a)     34 years
b)    44 years
c)     54 years
d)    30 years

83. Subtracting 40% of a number  from the number, get the result as 30. Find the number?
a)     60
b)    40
c)     58
d)    50

84. A trader has 50 kg of rice, a part of which he sells at 10% profit, and the rest at 5% loss. He gains 7% on the whole. What is the quantity sold at 10% gain and 5% loss?
a)     40 kg loss & 10 kg profit
b)    30kg loss & 20kg profit
c)     10kg loss & 40kg profit
d)    20kg loss & 30kg profit

85.  If m:n  = 3:2, then (4m+5n): (4m+5n) is equal to:
a)     9:4
b)    4:9
c)     11:1
d)    9:1

86. If the 4th term of an arithmetic  progression is 14 and the 12th term is 70, then the first term is:
a)     +7
b)    +10
c)     -7
d)    -10

87.  In how many years will Rs.2000 amount to Rs.2420 at 10% per annum compound interest?
a)     1 ½ years
b)    2 ½ years
c)     2 years
d)    3 years

88. A man purchase 11 sweets for Rs.10 and sell 10 sweets for Rs.11. What is his profit percentage?
a)     20%
b)    22%
c)     21%
d)    20.5%

89. How many cubes each of 3cm, can be cut from a cube of edge 15 cm?
a)     125
b)    25
c)     144
d)    27

90. A and B can do a job in 6 and 12 days respectively. They began the work together but A leaves after 3 days. Then the total number of days needed for the completion of the work is:
a)     9
b)    4
c)     6
d)    5

91.  If the 5 friends are sitting in a row,Maya is left to Meera but on the right of Veena. Seena is on the right of Meera but on the left of Meena. The friend sit in the middle is:
a)     Maya
b)    Meera
c)     Meena
d)    Seena

92. Q is to the south west of P, R is to the east of Q and south east of P and S is to the north of R in line with Q and P. In which direction of P is S located:
a)     South-East
b)    North
c)     North-East
d)    East

93. In a queue of friends, X is 18th from front, while Y is 16th from the back. If Z is 25th from the front and is exactly in the middle of X and Y, the number of friends in the queue is:
a)     47
b)    48
c)     45
d)    46

94. The next term of the following series is 1,1,4,8,,27,16,……
a)     49
b)    25
c)     64
d)    36

95. Among 5 friends A  is shorter than B but taller than E. C is slightly taller than B but D is slightly shorter than B but slightly taller than  A. Who is the shortest?
a)     A
b)    B
c)     CA
d)    D

96.  Find the next term in the series ELFA, GLHA, ILJA, MLNA,……
a)     KLMA
b)    KLLA
c)     LLMA
d)    DLPA

97. P is brother of Q, R is married to S. If R is the nephew of Q, how is P related to S?
a)     Daughter-in-law
b)    Mother-in-law
c)     Son-in-law
d)    Father-in-law

98. If 1-12-1991 is Sunday. Which is the fourth Tuesday of December 1991?
a)     31.12.1991
b)    26.12.1991
c)     23.12.1991
d)    24.12.1991

99. ‘Theoretical’ is related to Practical.In the same way as  Impossible is related to…….
a)     Usable
b)    Feasible
c)     Able
d)    Suitable

100. Arrange the words as in the dictionary: wound, writer, white, worst, worked
a)     1,4,3,5,2
b)    5,3,2,1,4
c)     2,1,3,4,5
d)    3,5,4,1,2

Beat forest officer Answer key (100 Question)

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Questions prepared by :
Reshma G Pushpan

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