Indian Rivers : 100 Questions Part -2 (University Assistant Topic)



(100 Question and Answers based on Indian Rivers, Main Topic of Kerala PSC University Assistant Examination )

1. The Peninsular river get maximum water from   Answer : Monsoon rainfall

2. The major west flowing Peninsular rivers are Answer : Narmada ,Tapti,Sabarmati

3. The major east flowing Peninsular rivers are Answer :Mahanadhi,Godavari,Krishna,Kaveri

4. Which is the largest west flowing Peninsular river? Answer : Narmada

5. Third largest river that completely flows within India? Answer :Narmada

6. Which river that forms the traditional boundary between North India and South India? Answer :Narmada

7. The river which has been mentioned as Nammadus in the periplus of Erythrean sea? Answer : Narmada

8. The river which is called as the river between two mountains? Answer : Narmada

9. Which river flows between Vindhya and Satpura ranges? Answer :Narmada

10. World’s first canal top 1 MV solar power plant is on Answer : Narmada Branch Canal Network

11. The river that flows in between Deccan plateau and Malwa plateau? Answer : Narmada

12. The social movement organised against Sardar Sarovar project? Answer : Narmada Bachao Andolan

13. Who is the main leader of Narmada Bachao Andolan? Answer : Medha Patkar

14. The major city situated on the banks of river Narmada? Answer : Jabalpur

15. Kanha National Park is situated on the bank of which river? Answer : Narmada

16. Fossils of Dinosaours are found on the banks of the which river? Answer : Narmada

17. Major projects constructed on the river Narmada are?  Answer : Indira Sagar, Omkareswar

18. Which is the second largest west flowing Peninsular river? Answer : Tapti

19. India’s second largest river that flows through rift valley? Answer : Tapti

20. River knows as ‘The Twin’ of the river Narmada and “The Handmaid’ of the Narmada? Answer : Tapti

21. The river that flows between the Godavari and Narmada river? Answer : Tapti river

22. Which is the major river of Rajasthan ? Answer : Luni

23. The river which is known as Sagarmati in its source region? Answer : Luni

24. The major river which flows through the desert of Rajasthan? Answer : Luni

25. The length of Luni river ? Answer : 551 Km

26. The river Luni is ends in the marshy lands of which place? Answer : Rann of Kutch

27. Largest river in Odisha? Answer : Mahanadi

28. River known as the ‘Sorrow of Orissa’? Answer : Mahanadi

29. Cuttack is located on the banks of which river? Answer : Mahanadi

30. Hirrakud dam constructed across which river ? Answer : Mahanadi

31. The major tributaries of Mahanadi? Answer : Ib, Tel

32. The largest tributaries of Mahanadi? Answer : Sheonath

33. The first privatised river in India ? Answer : Sheonath

34. The major distributary of Mahanadi ,that serves as nesting ground for Olive Ridley Turtles? Answer : Devi river

35. The paradeep port is at the mouth of river ? Answer : Mahanadi

36. Mahanadi discharges its water to?  Answer : Bay of Bengal

37. The mouth of river Mahanadi Answer : False point

38. The largest Peninsular river in India? Answer : Godavari

39. The second longest river in India? Answer : Godavari

40. Longest river in the Deccan region? Answer : Godavari

41. The festival held on the banks of river Godavari once in 12 years ? Answer : Pushkaram

42. The Sriram Sagar project also known as the pochampadu project is on which river? Answer : Godavari

43. Kaleshwaram irrigation project of Telangana is on river? Answer : Godavari

44. The second largest east flowing Peninsular river: Answer : Krishna

45. Krishna river rises near:  Answer :Mahabalaeswar in the Sahyadri

46. Mallikarjuna temple situated on the banks of river : Answer : Krishna

47. The largest city on the banks on the river Krishna : Answer : Vijayawada

48. The Hogenakal falls is on river: Answer :Kaveri

49. The water fall which is known as the ‘Niagara of India’ ? Answer : Hogenakkal falls

50. The tributary of Kaveri that brings drinking water to Bengal city? Answer : Arkavathi

51. First dam in India ,the Grand Dam is on river: Answer : Kaveri

52. Srirangapatanam , sivasamudram island etc are on the river? Answer : Kaveri

53. The first hydro electric project in India? Answer : Sivasamudram

54. Kaveri river empties into Bay of Bengal at: Answer : Poompuhar

55. The river Sharavati originates from : Answer : Shimoga

56. The highest waterfall , Joy fall or Gersoppa falls is on river : Sharavati

57. Kuvam and Adayar river flows through: Answer : Chennai city

58. Suvari river flows through : Answer : Goa

59. Nethravathi river flows through : Answer : Mangalapuram

60. Mithi/Mahim river flows through: Answer : Mumbai

61. India’s first rubber dam is situated in the river: Answer : Jan Javathi

62. The largest city on the banks of Godhavari : Answer :Rajamundry

63. The Hirakud dam is located in which river: Answer : Mahanadi

64. Name the world’s largest Masonry Dam built across Krishna river: Answer :Nagarjuna Sagar

65. The river which is known as Dakshina Ganga: Answer : Kaveri

66. Life line of Sikkim: Answer : Teesta

67. Life line of Goa: Answer : Mandovi

68. Lifeline of Madhya Pradesh: Answer : Narmada

69. Lifeline of Andra Pradesh : Answer :Godavari

70. Life line of Pakistan: Answer : Indus

71. Lifeline of Kerala : Answer :Periyar

72. Lifeline of Maharastra: Answer : Koyna

73. The major hydropower project construted across Narmada : Answer : Sardar Sarovar project

74. The world’s second largest dam : Answer : Sardar sarovar project
75. Surat is the major city that lies on the banks of:  Answer : Tapti

76. The river which flows through Thar Desert : Answer :Luni

77. The second largest peninsular river in India: Answer : Krishna

78. The Krishna river originates from Mahabaleswar in : Answer : Maharashtra

79. River Manjira is the major source of drinking water to: Answer : Hyderabad and Secundarabad

80. The river which is known as Pampa during the epic period : Answer : Tungabhadra

81. Krishna river basin lies in the state of  : Answer : Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka,and Maharashtra

82. The Indian river which drains into Ganga : Answer : Kaveri

83. The river which is known as Dakshina Ganga : Answer : Thamaraparani

84. The Indian river which drains into Palk strait: Answer : Vaiga

85. Vridha Ganga: Answer :Godavari

86. Dakshina Ganga : Answer :Kaveri

87. Telugu Ganga: Answer :Krishna

88. Ardha Ganga : Answer :Krishna

89. Red river : Answer :Brahmaputra

90. Salt river : Answer : Luni

91. Holy river in Kerala : Answer : Pampa

92. Holy river in Jainism : Answer : Rajupalika

93. Holy river of Hinduism/India : Answer : Ganga

94. The Krishna river drains into : Answer : Bay of Bengal

95. Vijayavada is located on the banks of : Answer : Krishna

96. The ruins of Vijayanagara empire are on the banks of : Answer :Krishna

97. The port located at the mouth of river : Answer :Mahanadi: Paradeep

98. Nasik and Rajamudry are situated on the banks of : Answer : Godavari

99. Sriram sagar project (Pochampad) is on the river : Answer : Godavari

100. The river flows through rift valley between Vindhya and Satpura ranges? Answer : Narmada

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