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Amazon Good Friday Quiz
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In German speaking countries, Good Friday is often referred to as Karfreitag which means what in German? Answer: Mourning Friday

The story of Jesus’ last days is known by which of these names, that would remind you of a movie directed by Mel Gibson? Answer: The Passion of Christ

Some church services on Good Friday, conclude with the bell tolling how many times in succession to represent each year of Jesus’ life? Answer: 33

In Bermuda, locals celebrate Good Friday by doing something which symbolizes Christ’s ascension to heaven. What are we talking about? Answer: Flying Kites

On Good Friday in Bensheim there is a large procession, one of the biggest in the world. In which country is Bensheim located? Answer: Germany

In Ireland, for 90 years establishments were barred from selling what on Good Friday, till the ban was lifted in 2018? Answer: Alcohol

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