Amazon Rabindranath Tagore jayanti quiz answers


Amazon Rabindranath Tagore jayanti quiz answers for May 7; stand a chance to win Rs 30,000 by answering all questions correctly

1: The Nobel prize that Rabindranath Tagore won was stolen from the safety vault of which university’
Answer: Visva- Bharati University

2: Which of these famous poets wrote an introduction to Rabindranath Tagore’s famous work Gitanjali’
Answer: WB Yeats

3: Rabindranath Tagore gave up the Knighthood awarded to him, to protest what incident’
Answer: Jalianwala bagh massacre

4: In which of these places is a Tagore museum located
Answer: All of these

5: Rabindranath Tagore gave which Nobel laureate the name by which we all know the person by.
Answer: Amartya Sen

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