IRCTC predict whether your waiting list ticket will confirm or not.


IRCTC now implement a system for online ticket booking passengers who got waiting list ticket. The new system allow users to check whether the train ticket booking is confirmed or not. It is very useful to online ticket booking passengers to book tickets with the knowledge of confirmation.

Ticket booking through IRCTC Rail Connect application is allowed users to check this facility.

  1. Download the IRCTC Rail Connect app from play store or update your existing app to 2.1.23 updated version from play store
  2. Login using IRCTC user name and password
  3. Then check a ticket availability in IRCTC app.
  4. If the checked ticket is on waiting list condition we can see a link below called CNF probability
  5. Just click the CNF probability button to show the percentage of chance whether the ticket is confirmed or not.
  6. This facility will very useful to passengers for take a dicision to take ticket or not.

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