New booking app by Indian Railways


Indian Railways announced a new mobile application for take Platform tickets, General Tickets and Season tickets named UTS App.

Peoples can take paper and paperless through this app. Paperless tickets can take only in Southern and Eastern zones. But paper ticket can be used anywhere in India.

App is available in Android and Windows platform both. Traveller will deposit money in Railway wallet that is R wallet for taking tickets. 100 to 5000 rupees will be deposited. Book tickets through other popular wallet application also. Tickets cannot be cancelled and Platform tickets may used only upto two hours.

We can travel without taking the printout of ticket. A show ticket option is available in app and show it when checking time.

But if we are taking a paper ticket, before the journey start show the details to the ticket counter and take printout of booking ticket.

Show Ticket option is working without the internet connection. So no need of internet connection after booking the ticket.

Check Official Website for more details.

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