Buy Refurbished mobile online


How to buy Refurnished mobile/tablet online. Here is a store for Refurnished items only introduced by Flipkart.

What is Refurnished items
Some may sell a defective phone that has been returned and repaired. That type of phone are repaired and again come for selling. Refurnished phones are a goodidea to get a high end phone at a low price. Just make sure it is a manufacturer refurbished phone with a warranty, or if it is seller refurbished, then you trust the seller completely. website offers Refurbished handsets, laptops, Smartwatches etc. All products are certified and graded by their physical condition.

iPhone7 & Google pixel

All branded items like Apple, Mi, Lenovo, Motorola, Sony etc available in this store. All Refurnished items come with an easy 10 days return policy. All products are get a 3 to 12 warranty.

Each defective products under go 47 quality check and and get back to the device into fully functional. although this item will be classified in 5 grades based on its final condition.

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