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Blog writing is amazing and simple. Share your ideas and thoughts to everyone through the online platform. It’s very simple and free to start a blog online, creating of blogs are absolutely free. Platforms like Google, WordPress, Wix are allowed users to create simple and amazing blogs. Here we discuss about the technical areas for creating the blog. Actually there is not technical knowledge for creating a simple blog. Simple computer knowledge is enough to start.

By using Google blog platform Blogger

Blogger is a free publishing platform allowed by Google, while BlogSpot is a free domain service provider. For setting up free blog in Blogger follow the steps

  1. First open the website then the button create your blog. For creating a Blogger account you need a Gmail account. Give the username and password of Gmail account and sign to create.
  2. After successful login give the Display Name which is the headline of your blog and click on the continue button.
  3. Now you are in a control panel of Blogger, Click on create new blog button shown in the bottom of the website and Give the Title name, address of the website. Address of the website is your blog url which is look name followed by “” (Eg:
  4. After giving the name google automatically check the availability of your address, if address is find available for use, select a theme for your blog and click create blog button.
  5. Almost done. On the left side of the control panel click on the post button and press the new post for creating a new post. Type the contents of your blog and publish it.

By using WordPress

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. It is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

We can create blogs using custom domain or WordPress domain. Custom domains is a domain name which is purchased from Godaddy or any other internet domain registrar company. (Eg: WordPress domains look like

For creating a WordPress website or blog for free

  1. Visit and give your email address, choose a user name and choose a password and click create your account button.
  2. Then fill the details about the site that is what would you like to name your site, what will your site be about, what’s the primary goal you have for your site and click continue button.
  3. Then next page show the url selection of your website type your website url which you like to start. Then WordPress show the available paid domain names. Either you can buy the domain or create a free domain name with “” extension and click continue. You can also add your custom domain name to WordPress.
  4. Choose your Themes from the control panel and start blogging with
  5. We can also manage our WordPress Blog using Android App. For downloading visit

By using

Wix is a website building company that’s providing a world class website building platform to millions of users around the world. It provide free website building experience to users. We can start using our Gmail account of Facebook Account.

  1. Visit and Get Started button
  2. Give email address, re type your email address and choose a password and click sign up button.
  3. We can create domain name line from the control panel. Its always free. Upgrade options are available. By upgrading to premium plans we can put our custom domain and create stunning websites or blogs using wix.
  4. 100+ free website templates available in wix. Choose it and start.
  5. The advantage of these type of website builders are there is no need of technical knowledge.
  6. We can create using templates available in Wix.

Also we can earn money through blog writing. Google AdSense is best platform for earn money. We can use affiliate programs and run ads in our websites or blogs. Affiliate Programs are the method which share the affiliate link provided by the company. Commissions are based on the purchase of product by clicking the links provided. E commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart provide Affiliate Programs. For Flipkart Affiliate program visit for Amazon visit

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