SBI customers can now make ATM withdrawals without debit card


SBI customers can now make ATM withdrawals without debit card. This facility is available with SBI YONO Application. For available this facility customers must be registered in YONO application. Customers can generate a one-time pin (OTP) on their mobile application and use the pin to transact from the bank’s ATM.

The service currently will be available at 16500 ATMs. The generated pin has a half an hour validity during which the customer can go to any of SBI’s ATM and withdraw money using the OTP number. Withdraw a Maximum of ₹10000 in a Single Transaction and ₹20000 from an ATM.

How to Generate an OTP for withdraw money.

  • Open SBI YONO Application and click YONO Pay Button.
  • After click on Yono Cash button for Generating OTP.
  • Here 3 options are available, 1. Nearest YONO Cash Point. This facility is for finding the cash withdrawal enabled ATMs near by your location. Current a few ATMs are enabled by this facility. 2. Transactions, which is used to view the transactions done by the customer. 3. Request Yono Cash. This option is for generate OTP for withdraw cash from ATM.
  • While opening this option choose the account number and enter the amount for generate OTP.
  • Please note that existing customers must be update their YONO app through Playstore for getting this feature.

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