100 Facts : Indian Geography



1.      The latitude that passes through middle of India :

Answer: Tropic of cancer (231/2 N)°

2.      The two island neighbours of India :

Answer: Srilanka and Maldives

3.      The Indian state that shares international border with maximum countries:

Answer: Jammu Kashmir

4.       The Indian state that shares border with maximum states:

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

5.      The Indian state that shares longest border with Pakistan :

Answer: Rajastan

6.      The Indian state that is surrounded by Bangladesh on three sides:

Answer: Tripura

7.      The Indian metropolitan city that locates nearest to Tropic of Cancer :

Answer: Kolkata

8.      The Indian metropolitan city that locates nearest to equator

Answer: Chennai

9.      The Indian state capital city that locates nearest to equator:

Answer: Thiruvanathapuram

10.  The number of times zones in India:

Answer: 1

11.  The standard time meridian of India :

Answer: 82° 30° east longitude (Mirzapur district- uttarpradesh)

12.  India standard time is refers to the local time of :

Answer: Allahabad

13.  Largest country in Indian sub continent :

Answer: India

14.  Smallest country in Indian sub continent:

Answer: Bhutan

15.  The second largest populous country in the world:

Answer: India

16.  The most populous country in the India subcontinents:

Answer: India

17.  How many countries  shares land border with India?

Answer: 7 countries

18.  The longest border of India is with :

Answer: Bangladesh(4096 Km)

19.  The shortest border of India is with:

Answer: Afghanisthan (106km)

20.  The strait that separates India and Srilanka:

Answer: Palk Strait

21.  T he channel that separates India and Maldives:

Answer: 8 Channel

22.  The  state bordering with Afganitan:

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

23.  The India state that shares the longest land border with Bhutan:

Answer: Assam

24.  The biggest or longest and highest mountain range in the world :

Answer: Himalaya

25.  The youngest fold mountain range in the world :

Answer: Himalaya

26.  The rocks in the Himalayan system are mainly :

Answer: Sedimentary rocks

27.  The average heights of Himalaya from the mean sea level is about:

Answer: 6000 meter

28.  The theory related to the origin of Himalaya:

Answer: Plate tectonic theory

29.  Three parallel ranges of Himalayas are


The greater Himalaya(Himadri),

The lesser Himalaya(Himalaya),

The outer Himalaya(Siwalik)

30.  The northern most  range of Himalaya :

Answer: Himadri

31.  The back bone of Himalaya:

Answer:  Himadri

32.  The major peaks of Himadri

Answer: Mount Everst(Nepal),Kanchenjunga(Sikkim),Nandadevi(Uttarakhand)

33.  The highest peak in the world

Answer: Mount Everest(8850m)

34.  In Nepal the mount Everest known as

Answer: Sagarmatha

35.  In Tibet, The mount Everest known as

Answer: Chomo Langma

36.  The mountain range which means ‘the five treasures of snow’?

Answer: Kanchenjunga

37.  The range of Himalaya located between Himadri and Siwalik?

Answer: Himachal(lesser Himalaya)

38.  The famous hill station Darjeeling is located in which state?

Answer: West Bengal

39.  Which mountain known as ‘The roof of the world’ ?

Answer: Pamir

40.  Name of the river flows through Kulu valley ?

Answer: Beas

41.  Name of the river flows through Kashmir valley ?

Answer: Jhelum

42.  Which range known as ‘Foothill of Himalaya’?

Answer: Siwalik

43.  Which  region famous for longitudinal valleys ?

Answer: Siwalik

44.  The major tree that found in dune region:

Answer: Sal trees

45.  The largest dune :

Answer: Dehradum(Capital of Utterakhand)

46.  Which Indian state that forms a part of Transhimalaya range?

Answer: Jammu Kashmir

47.  Which range forms India’s frontier with Afganistan and China?

Answer: Karakoram

48.  In which range world’s second highest peak , mount K2  is located?

Answer: Karakoram range

49.  Largest glacier in the Karakoram range :

Answer: Siachen glacier(jammu-kashmir)

50.  The highest battlefield in the world :

Answer: Siachen glacier

51.  Which region known as ‘the third pole of earth’?

Answer: Siachen

52.  The river originated from Siachen glacier:

Answer: Nubra

53.  The plateau situated in the North of Karakoram range:

Answer: Ladakh plateau

54.  Highest plateau in India is:

Answer: Ladakh

55.  In which part of Himalaya do we find the Karewa formation:

Answer: Kashmir Himalayas

56.  In Nepal the mount Everest is called:

Answer: Sagarmatha

57.  In Tibet ,the Everest is called:

Answer: Chomo Langma

58.  The highest mountain that entirely located in India?

Answer: Kanchenjunga

59.  Kanchenjunga is located in which state?

Answer: Sikkim

60.  The third highest mountain in the world?

Answer: Kanchenjunga

61.  Which is the largest range of Himachal?

Answer: Pir panjal

62.  The Pir Panjal range is located in which state?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

63.  Kashmir valley is formed by which river?

Answer: Jhelum

64.  The valley which is known as the’Heaven of Travellers’?

Answer: Jhelum

65.  Which  valley known as the ‘Valley of God’?

Answer: Kullu

66.  The Great Himalayan National Park is situated at which valley?

Answer: Kullu valley

67.  The Queen of hill stations:

Answer: Mussorie

68.  The Princess of hill stations:

Answer: Kodaikanal

69.  The region receives the highest rainfall in the world :

Answer: Mawsynram

70.  The state known as ‘Land of hill people’:

Answer: Mizoram

71.  Which is the largest physiographic division of India?

Answer: Peninsular plateau

72.  The oldest mountain range in India?

Answer: Aravalli

73.  The part of Himalaya which is situated parallel to Ganga plain?

Answer: Answer: Siwalik

74.  Dune valleys are found in which range?

Answer: Siwalik range

75.  India’s earthquake warning system installed in which state?

Answer: Uttarakhand

76.  The region lies the India’s cold desert named as:

Answer: LEH

77.  The region known as ‘Land of passes’

Answer: Ladakh

78.  The world’s second highest mountain:

Answer: Mt.Godwin Austin(mount K2)

79.  The name of Mount Kailas in Tibet:

Answer: Kange Rimpoche

80.  The most heavily glaciated region outside of the polar region:

Answer: Karakoram range

81.  The second largest glacier in the Himalayan region :

Answer: Baltoro Glacier

82.  The Wettest place on earth:

Answer: Mawsynram

83.  The second wettest place on earth:

Answer: Cherrapunji

84.  Cherrapunji of south India:

Answer: Agumbe (Karnataka)

85.  Cherrapunji of kerala:

Answer: Lakkidi

86.  The pass which is known as gate way of kerala:

Answer: Palakkadu

87.  The only river that flows Rajastan plane:

Answer: Luni

88.  The oldest and largest physiographic division of India:

Answer: Peninsular Plateau

89.  The highest peak of Peninsular plateau:

Answer: Anamudi (2695 m)

90.  The oldest mountain range of India:

Answer: Aravalli

91.  The mountain range lies to the north- west of India:

Answer: Aravalli

92.  The largest lava plateau in the World?

Answer: The Deccan plateau

93.  The place which is known as “ Queen of Deccan”?

Answer: Pune (Maharashtra)

94.  The river which flows throw Chotta Nagpur plateau?

Answer: Damodar

95.  Which plain that lies to the west of the Aravalli?

Answer: Rajasthan plain

96.  The mountain range that forms parallel to Bay of Bengal?

Answer: Eastern Ghat

97.  Which is the highest peak of Eastern Ghat?

Answer: Jindhagada

98.  The second highest mountain in Eastern Ghat?

Answer: Mahendragiri hills

99.  In which state the highest peak of Eastern Ghat situated?

Answer: Andra Pradesh

100.  The famous hill station located in Palani hills?

Answer: Kodaikanal

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