Daily Quiz Time Question and answer 11 March 2020


Amazon daily quiz Questions and answer. Answer 5 questions and chance to win a LG W30 Pro smartphone.

Questions and answers

  1. Taika Waititi recently made history as the first person from which ethnicity to win an Oscar, as he won for Best Adapted Screenplay? Maori
  2. The very popular play Piya Behrupiya directed by Atul Kumar is an adaptation of which Shakespeare work? Twelfth Night
  3. Mom and Dad have four daughters, and each daughter has one brother. How many people are there in the family? Seven
  4. Who recently launched an upgraded geo-imaging web portal called Bhuvan Panchayat 3.0? ISRO
  5. The upcoming film ‘The New Mutants’ is part of which movie franchise? X Men

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