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Amazon April Quiz
Answer all 6 questions
Enter the lucky draw to win the prize by answering all 6 questions correctly.

In 2007, Google’s April fool’s day hoax was the launch of _______ paper. Fill in the blanks with a Google product Answer: Gmail

This day is intended to motivate people to self reflect and do the right things. What is this day observed on April 5? Answer: International Day of Conscience

In which over of the innings did MS Dhoni hit the memorable six that sealed India’s World Cup win on April 2nd, 2011? Answer: 49th

On April 11th, 1968 which US president famously signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968, a week after the assassination of Martin Luther King? Answer: Lyndon Johnson

April 30th is observed as the International Day of what genre of music “that New Orleans made famous” ? Answer: Jazz

Which movie released in April 2019 and directed by Vivek Agnihotri, is based on the mystery surrounding Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death? Answer: Tashkent Files

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