Tricks to get Rangoli & Flower Stamp in Google Pay


Google Pay users are now waiting for Rangoli and Flower stamp voucher for getting ₹251. Here introduce some tricks to get these stamps.

Download Google Pay from Here

Trick 1
If you have google pay merchant Qr code then just scan from google pay account and pay 35 to 50 or 100 to 5 times to get a rangoli stamp in second attempt

Trick 2
Search a deepavali item picture on your friends mobile and then scan the picture using Google Pay dewali scanner, you can win a diya or rangoli stamp.

Trick 3
Open amazon and add any item above ₹35 and make a payment using Google Pay. You will win a Rangoli or flower stamp.

Trick 4
Open Flipkart and add an Item in Cart above ₹35 and pay using Google pay. You will win a Flower instantly.

Trick 5
Open Paytm App and add ₹35 as Paytm wallet and pay using Google Pay. Probably you will win with a Flower and Rangoli stamp.

Trick 6
Open Airtel money App and add money using Google Pay may get a Rangoli stamp from this.

Trick 7

Pay KSEB Electricity Bill through Google Pay and earn Flower or a Diya stamp.

Trick 8

Order pizza on the Ovenstory Spot
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